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Dovercourt Recreation Centre

This was a landmark building, when opened, having many design features making it unique and state of the art. Designed for energy conservation and low maintenance, it was operating below normal costs. The pool room’s building envelope and the mechanical and electrical systems were the most technically advanced at the time, and has served as a benchmark for the design of indoor pools and municipal recreational buildings ever since. It receives delegations regularly.

In 1988, the building's design team, in joint-venture with Barry J.Hobin & Associates, was awarded the much coveted Amethyst Award, highest award for accessibility for disabled persons (by the Province of Ontario).

Richard Limmert continues to be involved with the tenant and owner, as the community’s activities program changes. Major commissions include renovations to expand the fitness center, and to create the new family change room, and design consultations for the new computer room and new multi-purpose room.