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Luc-Ladiray Residence

This two and a half storey home in Ottawa’s west end maximizes usable space both inside and out, and captures as much natural light as possible through it’s creative space planning and multi-levels design. Although only 2,000 square feet in area, in contains a generous kitchen and dining room and two-storey living room with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The lowest level accommodates a family room/study and the mechanical-electrical room. The next lower level is the family entrance hall and garage and a bedroom provided to guests. The third floor is the public floor consisting of an open space for living, dining and cooking. Level four is more private with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a sauna and a laundry room. Lastly the top or fifth level is the master bedroom suite. Generous-sized windows are provided for warmth and sunlight, views to the parkland and neighbourhood and natural ventilation including an interior window wall overlooking the living room.

Bedrock located close to the surface of the property necessitated a split-level configuration that allows the division of public and private spaces on multiple levels. Central to these multiple levels is a two-storey bookcase that acts as an architectural feature. Maple staircases wrap around the bookcase from the bottom entrance level to the top level. It is prominent in all spaces that it intersects.